Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Top Management of SLG establishes the company’s Quality Policy as per Attachment 3 of this Quality Manual.

The Quality Policy shall be communicated and made understood to the executive staffs (Function Heads, Department Managers, etc). These staffs shall lead the operational staffs in practicing the Quality Policy. Top management shall review the achievement of the quality policy for continuing suitability at least once in a year (preferably in the management review).



SLG’s Quality Management System had been established to achieve excellent quality management through the implementation of ISO 9001:2008. SLG has documented, implemented and maintaining the quality management system to ensure the quality management system complies with the ISO 9001:2008 international standard.

SLG has established a Business Process Map as per Attachment 1 to serve as a basic understanding for the user of this manual to understand the processes in SLG. The Business Process Map shows the sequence and interaction of our company processes. Through the processes identified in SLG, relevant method and criteria to control the processes are established to maintain and continually improve our Quality Management System.

SLG’s management shall ensure the processes in the Quality Management System are monitored, measured, analyzed and takes necessary action to achieve continual improvement. To achieve this, SLG shall determine the resources and information needed from time to time. All the department heads shall ensure the necessary information regarding the processes is understood by the relevant personnel.

SLG also takes consideration of managing outsourcing activities that have impact to its product conformity and apply relevant control to these activities.


The Top Management shall define responsibility and authority of each function. The relevant responsibilities and authorities are documented. The Heads of Department together with the Human Resource Function shall ensure such responsibilities and authorities are communicated to the relevant staff on assigning to any functions.

The Managing Director has appointed by the Head of Accounts Department as the QMR to oversee the implementation and maintenance of QMS. SLG also has set up the ISO Steering Committee involving personnel representing each function to assist the QMR in implementing, maintaining and continually improve the Quality Management System.

QMR shall have the responsibility and authority for the following:

√ Establish, implement and maintain the Company Quality Management System.

√ Coordinating the internal and external Quality Auditing Activities.

√ Reporting the performance and improvements of QMS to the Top management.

√ Promoting the awareness of Quality Policy, Quality Objectives and Customer Requirements throughout the company.

√ Assuring that individual employees and teams effectively contribute to the satisfaction of their internal and/or external customers

√ Monitoring, improving and effectively managing the processes which deliver quality and customer satisfaction.

SLG has established basic communication channel to communicate the matter regarding the effectiveness of the quality management system, such as steering committee meeting, a proper system of distribution memo and through effective use of local computer network.

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