Quality Objective

Quality Objective

Quality Control

Top Management ensures the relevant functions in SLG contribute to the set Quality Policy through setting Quality Objectives and achieving them. QMR shall ensure these Quality Objectives are relevant to Quality Policy and provide a direction towards continual improvements. These Quality Objectives shall be measurable.

The Quality Management System in SLG has been established according the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standards. This QMS is oriented towards achieving our Quality Objectives and Complying international QMS requirements. SLG shall ensure that the integrity of the Quality Management System is maintained. Whenever there is a change in any part of the Quality Management System, QMS shall be reviewed and carefully planned. The planning shall ensure the consistency of the QMS and establish any relevant documents if needed. The MR at SLG shall be responsible for development of QMS. Any changes or upgrades to QMS to fulfill customer or international requirements shall be carefully reviewed by QMR and reported to Top Management for any decision-making.

Sinlygwan have a experience and qualified technical team that is able to conduct mechanical and physical testing and inspection.

The available tests that we provide are as follows:

Mechanical and Hardness Test, Charpy Impact Test, Proof Load Test, Magnetic Practical Inspection, Microstructure Test, Radiography Test

Quality Control Tools – Fastener projector

Sinlygwan’s Quality Management System are compiled to comply with the ISO9001:2008 that covering:

√ Vendor evaluation to ensure reliable supplier

√ Inspection Test Plan (I.T.P.) for each stage of production

√ Standard Operating  Procedure (S.O.P.) to enhance product consistency

√ ​Product traceability

Calibration of measuring equipment : Multi Welding Gauge

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