Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our principal mission is to supply industrial knowledge to help our customers in solving their problem through consuming our products and services. We use our talent and resources in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of products that could fulfill our customers’ needs.

In order to achieve our best performance, we need to strengthen our relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees 

Relation with customers

We provide the best quality of products and services to our customers to meet their need and satisfaction

Relation with suppliers

We work hand in with our suppliers to achieve our goals and getting the best support from our suppliers to establish future opportunities.

Relation with employees

We fully utilize the skill, experience and resources at our disposal. We also ensure the employment policies, working environment and career prospects are motivating and encouraging hard work, good communication, creativity, honesty and a sense of fun and excitement.

Our distinctive competence is to offer a consistent nation-wide supply services with a record of high standards in term of meeting customers’ need, deliver goods on time and enhance our reputation by continuing to be open to new ideas and technologies whenever they can be harnessed to our advantages.

We plan to remain a dominant force in Malaysia market by exploiting new market segment which offer good prospects and are compatible with our business strengths and withdrawing from those less suited to our expertise or which offer reduces financial rewards.

Objectives and Philosophies

– To achieve the target envisioned by the Malaysian Government’s Vision 2020.

– To stride toward producing widest range of fastening products.

– To provide good services that supported with employees who undertake the manufacture, marketing and distribution of all our products and srvices.

– Constantly up-grading the operation system with latest techniques and expertise to ensure the highest standard in quality control of the products.

– To provide full range of machines and peripheral to meet the customers’ demand and emphasis places heavily on time of delivery.

– Achieve zero defects, to provide safe and comfortable working environment and eliminate pollution.

– To achieve ISO 9001 Standard in year 2010.