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The Right Partner for Fastener

Sinlygwan  (The Right Partner for Fastener) was established in 1989 as a general light industrial material company. Its humble beginnings have since progressed into a specialized distribution company for fasteners and hardware. Sinlygwan (The Right Partner for Fastener) is located in Balakong, Cheras of Malaysia.

Sinlygwan (The Right Partner for Fastener) is a manufacturer of bolts & nuts and fasteners in Malaysia. The company maintains qualitative and quantitative production manner to meet demand of potential customers and other customized requirements.

At Sinlygwan  (The Right Partner for Fastener), we take time to listen and understand our customers ' needs. Every customer's requirements are unique, thus we tailor our total services suitably through consulting and discussing the availability and compatibility of our products.

Our goal of providing excellent products and services has reaped its benefits when we successfully secured "Exclusive Distributorship" for many established manufacturers from all over the world, namely countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, France Australia & Holland.

Sinlygwan (The Right Partner for Fastener) products are including Hexagon Head Bolts and screws, Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws, Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws, Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Screws, Hexagon Button Head Screws, JCN Nuts, Standard Solid Rivets, Cap Square Bolts, JCBB & JCBC Screws, Threaded Studs, Square Nuts, Insert Nuts, Special Nuts, Hot Forging & Special Products, and all type of ferrous and non ferrous materials (Low Carbon Steels, High Carbon Steels, Alloy Steel, Boron Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminium Brass, Copper and Special Compositions & etc.

To meet our customers’ expectations and industrial needs, we have obtained IS0 9001-2008 certificates. We endeavour to fulfil quality and regulatory requirements while aiming to enhance customer satisfaction. We also seek to achieve continual improvement of our performances so as to maintain and cement our position as a leading player in the market.

Besides from our main product , we are also manufacturing other customized types of bolts and nuts.



SLG practices direct involvement of its top management in the operation of the company business. SLG’s Top Management (Managing Director) is committed to develop, implement and maintain the Quality Management System. Top management shall ensure continual improvement and effectiveness of the Quality Management System by constantly monitoring and reviewing the system, processes and performance indicators.

Top Management at SLG shall ensure that the organization can meet Customer Requirements and enhance Customer Satisfaction. Implementation of documented processes and procedures for every process of product realization shall ensure the requirements are determined and understood properly and satisfied to the full extent.
SLG will focus on the improvement of product conformity, reduction operational costs for mutual benefits of Customer and Company as well.

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The Right Partner for Fastener