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Our Equipment

 Forging Equipment          Fastener Equipment


Forging Department

Type of Machine
No.of Machine
Headers (3 Die 2 Blows) 16 Units
Multi Station Progressive Micro Former (3 Die 3 Blows) 3 Units
Multi Station Progressive Bolt Former (3 Die 3 Blows) 2 Units
Multi Station Progressive Form Part Former (6 Die 6 Blows) 1 Units
Flat Thread Rolling Machines (Sakamura) 7 Units
High Speed Segment Thread Rolling Machines (Sakamura) 2 Units
Vertical Hydraulic Press (Long Shaft) 1 to 3 Die 1 to 3 Blows)) 1 Units


Secondary Machine Department

Type of Machine
No. of Machine
Drilling Machines 10 Units
Tapping Machines 3 Units 
Bench Lathes 1 Units
CNC Lathe Machines 3 Units



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