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Inventory Storage System

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Sinlygwan Fastener is a full service, nationwide provider of complete supply chain and inventory management solutions for fasteners, electronic hardware, consumables, and etc.

We have dedicated to developing innovative methods to help you on an ongoing basis to reduce costs and avoid excess inventory, Our Automotive Fasteners Inventory Management Solutions division works with you to provide the Vendor Managed Inventory program that makes sense for your needs. From on-site retrieval, procurement and maintenance to station-to station product delivery, we match the available systems to your production demands to find the solution that's right for you.

Put your trust to Sinlygwan that has been ensuring customers improve their effectiveness in the marketplace while getting the parts they require in a cost effective and timely fashion since 1989.
Sinlygwan will stock and release with protective stock banks, up to 12 months.
  • Sinlygwan will design a custom inventory program that fits your company goals and objectives by reducing on hand inventory.
  • Sinlygwan can ship direct from the manufacturer thus reducing freight costs.
  • Sinlygwan offers Just in Time Delivery, Kanban, Bin Stocking and any other VMI programs.
  • Sinlygwan will dual source critical items with domestic manufacturers with blended pricing.
  • To find out how we can streamline your Supply Chain contact Sinlygwan to have a Sales Associate come to your facility for an analysis.
  • Sinlygwan will supply quality parts at competitive costs and first class service, helping the customer lower your productivity costs.
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